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September 2003


I just had a discussion with a customer asking what's the role of InfoPath.

InfoPath 2003 is a really cool product to create forms accessing XML Web Services. Forms can be created automatically by referencing a XML schema, a database, or a web service. Forms are stored in an XML format and can be easily distributed.

However, custom validation is done by using JavaScript. InfoPath shouldn't be used to create a complex UI. This is the role of Windows Forms.

Update: Rufus Ruse mentioned the InfoPath SDK. With the InfoPath SDK it is possible to get rendering in IE for non-InfoPath end-users.


CLR and Phoenix

Andrew Stopford mentions that there's not a lot new in the CLR for 2.0, and asks "Maybe the Phoneix stuff will be added on later?".

The slides on the research web site mention a release date of Mid-2005 for Phoenix - so I guess this is too late for Whidbey.

However, we also get cool new CLR features with 2.0: generics are part of the CLR. See Jason Clark's MSDN Mag article.

Btw, Phoenix is "a next-generation framework for Microsoft compiler and software engineering tools (managed, mixed code and unmanaged)".