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June 2003

ASP.NET 2.0 with Scott Guthrie

OK, here we go: I am finally at TechEd in Barcelona. This Monday and Tuesday I am in an ASP.NET 2.0 session with Scott Guthrie. He will show us all good and new things in the upcoming release. Really looking forward to what has actually changed since my first contact back in February. The good thing is we have all the necessary and interesting bits here on our PCs and we will play with the IDE and the runtime and build an entire Web application.
Of course, as usual, I am not allowed to report on the actual information or even the details as this event is under NDA.

OK, nun bin ich auf der TechEd in Barcelona. Heute und morgen werde ich mir von Scott Guthrie alles über das zukünftige ASP.NET 2.0 erzählen lassen. Ausser den Informationen, die ich bereits im Februar hier gepostet habe (naja, "Informationen" ist natürlich relativ ...), bin ich wirklich gespannt was alles neu ist. Auf jeden Fall haben wir die Bits auf unseren PCs hier und können damit herum spielen und Web-Anwendungen bauen.
Allerdings werde ich an dieser Stelle nichts über die Inhalte oder gar Details berichten dürfen, denn selbstverständlich werden diese Infos nur im Rahmen eines NDA weiter gegeben.

Mono sets a new small milestone: 0.25

Although it is just a 0.25 release, the Mono team pushed a new release to their web site. It seems they did an extremely hard job - especially regarding improved support for XML Web Services - finally ....
Here are some interesting and very motivating snippets from the release notes:

Lluis worked on a new implementation of the XmlSerialization classes in record time. The XmlSerializer is the foundation for the Soap web services and is also one of the neatest features in the .NET Framework.
It is possibly the best way of dealing with XML documents that I have found so far, and I am kept wondering, why did I bother processing XML in any other way before.

Web Services
The Web services classes support both RPC and Document, processing as well as Literal and Encoded mechanisms. We have only implemented the client side so far, but most of the infrastructure is in place for authoring the server-side web services.
Erik has written the beginning of our WSDL compiler, but this compiler has not been checked into the repository yet, so today you need to compile your WSDL files using the Microsoft framework tools.
Gonzalo rewrote our Http client to conform to HTTP 1.1, and support all the features in the .NET class library.

Remoting: Soap Formatter
The .NET Framework supports also a Remoting-based SOAP implementation. Jean-Marc ANDRE has contributed a new implementation of System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Soap

Yeah, guys: Go ahead with that. I hope to receive a G5 Mac by the end of the year! :-)

Blogging during TechEd Barcelona

OK, despite the ongoing debate whether is only for international, i.e. English, information (what about your opinion, Scott?), I introduced a new category 'German Posts'. This category will be mainly for posting German articles during TechEd - but no fear: I will also report in English ...

OK, entgegen den aktuellen Diskussionen, ob nun nur für internationale, sprich: englische, Informationen ist oder nicht (was sagt eigentlich Scott dazu?), habe ich eine neue Kategorie 'German Posts' eingerichtet. Hier werde ich vor allem während der TechEd Barcelona über die aktuellen Geschehnisse und Neuigkeiten berichten. Aber selbstverständlich werde ich dies auch in englisch tun ...

SOAP 1.2 goes Candidate

OK, they finally did it. The XML Cover Pages report:

The World Wide Web Consortium has released SOAP Version 1.2 as a W3C Recommendation. Final 'Recommendation' is "the equivalent of a Web standard, indicating that this W3C-developed specification is stable, contributes to Web interoperability, and has been reviewed by the W3C Membership, who favor its adoption by the industry. SOAP Version 1.2 is a lightweight protocol intended for exchanging structured information in a decentralized, distributed environment such as the Web. As an XML-based messaging framework for building distributed applications on the Web, SOAP Version 1.2 offers several benefits over SOAP/1.1.

The W3C has published a document "From SOAP/1.1 to SOAP Version 1.2 in 9 Points" which highlights changes and benefits brought by SOAP Version 1.2. Excerpts.

And Gudge from Microsoft seems to be very, very happy now ... :-)

Yasser is back and clarifies about ASMX, WSE and the rest of the world

Be sure to read Yasser's little essay on the relationships between ASMX, WSE and the .NET Framework. Highly recommned!

I especially totally agree with this argumentation on why to 'play' with evolving and not yet mature specs:

So why are we not just waiting for the specs to mature and then shipping an implementation that won't evolve as rapidly? Two reasons: To give you a flavor of where the technology is headed therefore allowing you to try things out and acquire experience. Also, to get your feedback based on this experience and better understand your needs.

As I am also under NDA, I just can say that the Web Services future with WSE 2 and later versions is actually very bright. Now we just need other vendors (IBM, Sun, hello?) to chime in ...

Yasser: I am looking forward to seeing you again in Barcelona!

UPDATE: Scott Gellock from the WSE team further clarifies on the rationale of the WSE. Especially when it comes to product support and product lifecycle. "2 + 1" ... interesting.

Ralf is in the house

Oh my god - I did not realize this for months. Sorry, Ralf. But now I found that my friend and fellow German RD is also blogging on Cool!
But hey, this is (currently?) only in German. I wish everybody out there takes some time to learn German - at least for reading and understanding Ralf's most excellent ideas, solutions and rants. ;-)

Welcome Ralf.