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April 2004

Want to understand where and how your SOAP messages are traveling?

Aaron did it again: Moving from WS-Routing to WS-Addressing Using WSE 2.0.

See the issues surrounding Web services routing and the need for transport-neutral addressing, specifically focusing on the move away from WS-Routing towards the new WS-Addressing specification. Core WS-Addressing concepts and implementing secure routing with Web Service Enhancements 2.0 are shown.

Another toolkit hits the road: Axis C++ version 1.1 released

The Axis C++ team announced the release of Apache Axis C++ version 1.1.

This C++ SOAP engine implementation provides a platform for developing Web services using C/C++ and also includes a client side library for developing C/C++ client applications. This release includes enhancements over the 1.0 release such as document/literal support. In this version the Expat parser is supported by default and the user can optionally configure Axis C++ to use the Xerces parser.


  • SOAP engine with both client and server support
  • Partial support for both SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2
  • Support for all basic types, complex types and arrays
  • WSDL2WS tool for building the following C/C++ components from WSDL
    • Server side - Skeletons and Wrappers
    • Client side - Stubs
  • WSDL2WS tool generated wrappers act as RPC Providers or document/literal providers and they perform
    • Serialization
    • Deserialization
    • Method invocation
  • WSDLs hosted statically in the server
  • Standalone SOAP server (HTTP)
  • Web server modules for Apache HTTPD 1.3 and apache2(Linux/Windows)
  • Web based listing of the deployed services and their WSDLs
  • Sample web services and client applications
  • Documentation for developers and users

My (German) Web services book now available for download

If anybody out there understanding German is interested in what I was thinking about Web services back in late 2001 and early 2002 - this was my first book ever: XML Web-Service-Anwendungen mit Microsoft.NET.
It is now available as a PDF for download at

For my German readers:


Was ist so besonders an .NET? Und wie können XML Web Services mir helfen? Wenn Sie sich diese Fragen stellen, finden Sie hier die Antworten: Microsoft läutet mit XML-basierten Web Services auf Basis von .NET eine neue Ära im Bereich von Internet- und Intranetanwendungen ein. Das Buch klärt das "Warum?" und "Wie?" hinter der neuen Architektur von .NET und XML Web Services und zeigt, welch starkes Team die beiden zusammen bilden. An vielen Beispielen sehen Sie, wie die einzelnen Techniken zusammenwirken, und lernen eigene XML Web Service-Anwendungen zu erstellen.

Einleitung/Disclaimer zum PDF :-)

Wie die Zeit vergeht. Die folgenden Seiten habe ich nun vor über zwei Jahren geschrieben. Manche der im Buch beschriebenen Inhalte und Sichtweisen stammen aus den .NET- und Web services-Ursprungsjahren 2000 und 2001. Vermutlich geht es Ihnen selbst auch des Öfteren so: Gedanken und Meinungen unterliegen Schwankungen, vor allem über die Zeit hin betrachtet. Während die reinen technischen Fakten freilich alle noch zu 100% korrekt sind und zutreffen, würde ich heute wohl die eine oder andere Formulierung anders wählen oder das eine oder andere Teilthema differenzierter beleuchten.
Zudem wurde der gesamte Beispiel-Code ausschließlich mit dem .NET Framework 1.0 geschrieben und getestet.
Doch lassen Sie sich von diesen hinweisenden Worten meinerseits nicht von der Lektüre abhalten.

Viel Spaß beim Lesen und viel Erfolg bei der Arbeit mit dem Microsoft .NET Framework und XML Web services.

Applying WS-Security with IBM WebSphere

Article on IBM's developerWorks server about using WS-Security with WebSphere Application Server.

This article describes how to leverage the Web Services Security specification to secure an existing Web service. It demonstrates how to use message-level security (MLS) provided by Web Services Security in IBM WebSphere Application Server V5.0.2 to sign the message using X.509-based Digital Signatures for integrity, and how to encrypt the message using XML Encryption for confidentiality. It also demonstrates how to use both these provisions in tandem with transport-level security (TLS) provided by SSL/HTTPS.
I don't think that the current version of WebSphere already is compliant with the latest WSS spec. Naturally.

New features in ASMX v2

There is a bunch of new and very valuable information out there talking about Whidbey - erm, sorry, Visual Studio 2005 - and the related .NET Fx 2.0. Most of the articles and weblog entries cover ASP.NET 2.0. Obviously it is a small revolution (again) in Web development space. Kudos, Scott, Rob and team!

But there is still a small whole on the Whidbey map that nobody yet talked about. Web services in ASP.NET - or as we geeks call it: ASMX. I had an email conversation with Yasser the other and decided to publish facts and samples of all the new features of ASMX v2 here in my weblog. No, it is not a revolution (we have to wait for something different ...) but it has some nice features (or call it enhancements) that we all are very keen on. Promised.

In the meantime, here is non-comnplete list of what is new at least for Beta 1. Expect me to post details and sample code for each of these points over the next few weeks

New Features:

  • WS-I BP Conformance
  • IXmlSerializable
  • Proxy Type Sharing
  • Schema Importer Extensions
  • RAD Async
  • Pre-generation of serialization assemblies
  • SqlTypes
  • Generics
  • Properties instead of fields
  • SOAP 1.2 Support
  • WSDL.exe reloaded
  • ...
Should be fun and making our days a bit easier waiting for V2 ... and leaves a lot of space to make a most wanted tool even better ;-)

WinDays 2004 conference in Croatia: Dobar dan!

OK, it was actually my first try to speak (or better: write) Croatian ... maybe I can improve my Crotian until the conference starts. I will be at WinDays 2004 in Opatija (April 27-30), speaking about Indigo. And giving one of the techncial keynotes together with my German fellow RD Damir Tomicic - this will be a lot of fun! We will show ASP.NET 2.0 (Damir) and a lot of Whitehorse (me)! Hopefully both demos will be based on a very recent build of .NET Fx and VS 2005.

Really looking forward to this event. For those of you capable of reading and understanding Croatian, this is the conference web site. I have no clue what is on there ;-)

Na zdravlje! Zivjeli!

The Java world advances to the next step of Web services functionality

Systinet announces the availability of WASP Server for Java 5.0 Beta. It supports WS-ReliableMessaging and WS-Adressing from the WSA stack.

WASP Server for Java is the most advanced Web services platform for Java and J2EE environments, and this 5.0 release includes unique new functionality and standards support unavailable in any other product. The new 5.0 release includes:

WASP is the first and only Web services platform to provide full support for reliable messaging. Systinet WASP Server for Java, 5.0 fully supports the WS-ReliableMessaging (WS-RM) standard, with both one-way, synchronous (request/response) and asynchronous messaging.

WASP also fully supports WS-Addressing, which provides transport independent addressing and enables the creation of reliable, asynchronous Web services.


Times are changing - necessary steps for this blog

UPDATE: comments are now disabled.

OK, bad things first: I have to disable the comment feature of my blog as I received hundreds of spam messages in the last few days. This is a sad day for me ... This all will happen as soon as I have found out why I currently cannot uncheck the necessary checkbox in the admin settings ... hm.
I swear to re-enable the comments again when ScottW has build some new helpful features into .Text. I know he is working hard on it.

Then the title of my blog changed. This is an open contribute to a person, band and song that have influenced my youth. It was his tenth day of death on Monday this week. I enjoyed a lot the music Nirvana and friends made and celebrated - but I surely did not buy that it is not worth to be on this earth. Sorry Kurt, this time you were wrong in my eyes ... without having known your soul.