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November 2004

Everything is better with a new version? Well, WSDL seems not...

Rich Salz is a hammer. He dissects and destroys the upcoming new version of WSDL in his latest article on

To put it simply, these specifications are astoundingly bad. The comment period ended October 4, although looking at the comment list archive shows that comments were still being received, and processed, as recently as last week. According to W3C procedure, at this point the Director can send the documents back to the group, or he can allow them to move forward and ask for implementation information as the next step in becoming an official W3C Recommendation.

It is my feverent hope that not only will Tim Berners-Lee send the documents back to the working group, but that he'll attend their next face-to-face meeting and spank everyone involved. WSDL 2.0 is the worst example of architecture astronautics I have ever seen. While these documents might be useful to someone developing a WSDL tool, they are practically useless for a web services developer who wants to use WSDL to define their interface.

Yikes. Seems I have to go and read through this stuff, finally.

"An end to the Uber-Operating System"?

Just found a 5 and a half years old snippet re. SOAP back in 1999. This is very funny to read. And of course Mr. Dave Winer has to talk about XML-RPC, too.

Now I can recall why a lot of people still think SOAP and Web services is just a modern form of DCOM.

Those were the days where we had this great project and implemented our own (quite limited, though) SOAP stack for Solaris and used the SOAP Toolkit 1.0 Technology Preview for coding the SOAP layer on Windows in C++ and COM. Ahhhh...

But this definitely is a historical piece.

Dynamically invoke XML Web Services v1.5 - the next step

A lot of people have asked me recently when I am going to release-to-web the next version of DynWsLib.
DynWsLib is a quite successful (see version 1.4) .NET library to call Web services dynamically at runtime without having a static proxy implementation.

Today I wrapped up things and we from thinktecture are pleased to provide the lib to you - here it is. Please read through the article provided at the link and be sure to read the licence included in the download.
Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

Download DynWsLib 1.5

ADC 2004: Slides und Demos der Vorträge des thinktecture Teams

Auf der thinktecture Web Site finden die Teilnehmer der ADC 2004 meine beiden Vorträge zu den Themen Services-basierte Architekturen - praxisorientierte Ansätze und Erfahrungen und Integration von Windows- und Linux-Anwendungen mit Mono.

Auch meine Kollegen Ingo Rammer und Ralf Westphal haben ihre Unterlagen und Demos dort zur Verfügung gestellt - also zugreifen!

Ich hoffe, Ihnen hat die ADC genauso viel Spass gemacht wie uns und sie hat Ihnen neue Erkenntnisee eingebracht. Auf ein Neues in 2005.