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Conference time: see you at DevConnections in March!

OK, I'll be in Orlando from March 18 - March 23. Hope to see some of you in my talks at Visual Studio Connections and ASP.NET Connections conference.

ASP.NET Connections   VS Connections

AWS301: Add Web Reference, et. al. Reconsidered: Implementing Web Services the Better Way
This session shows the caveats of Web services as they are used today, merely stamped by code-centric wizards. You will learn how to think and act in a contract-first manner when developing Web services-oriented applications. The interface contract is the most important piece for a communication and defines the message exchanges between parties. Experience some tools, including an extension for Visual Studio .NET, that really can make your life as a Web service programmer easier and enable a more message- and service-like view on your Web services.

AWS302: DCOM, Remoting, COM+, MSMQ, Web Services - Oh My!
Microsoft offers a bunch of technologies to build connected systems or distributed applications. You can really go crazy when having to decide which technology to use when and how. This session gives you some guidelines to consider when making decisions in your next project. Learn how all the technologies fit into the SOA-story currently told and how to build service-oriented applications on the .NET platform today. See Remoting, Enterprise Services, ASMX, WSE and System.Messaging in action. You do not have to wait for the future.

VFE204: Web Services--Essentials
Just when you thought you had seen everything about application communication and integration, Web services comes your way. In this session you will learn and see how Web services work. The focus is on how you can design and develop Web services on the .NET platform rather than digging into the gritty details of any supported specification or talking about angle brackets. You will see why you would want Web services and their attendant benefits. Additionally, discussion will also be provided of what Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0 will provide in support of Web services.

WSCF v0.5 Feature Suggestions

OK, this is your opportunity. We will collect all kinds of ideas in this space that you think would make WSCF a lot more helpful and powerful. Please just leave a comment below.

When we are done collecting ideas and suggestions we will let you know what will be in 0.5 and what is considered for later versions.
Thanks in advance!

OT: Historische Informationen über Neustadt am Main

Nach monatelanger Recherche hat es mein Vater, Klaus Weyer, nun also gewagt, die Web Site zu Neustadt's Geschichte live zu stellen. Wer sich für einen über 1200 Jahre alten Ort mit grosser Tradition interessiert, kann ja mal gerne hinein schnuppern.

Die Geschichte des Ortes ist eng verbunden mit dem Benediktinerkloster und der karolingischen und romanischen Abtei. Das ehemalige Benediktinerkloster mit den beiden Abteikirchen ist eines der ältesten und bedeutendsten Kulturdenkmäler des Landkreis Main-Spessart und der Region Franken.

Lassen Sie sich von den Fakten, Geschichten und Legenden einer über 1200 Jahre alten Vergangenheit und der aktuellen Gegenwart verzaubern.

Securing Java-based Web Services

UPDATE: removed the wrong dates and added links.

There are some new articles up on OTN (Oracle Technology Network). They talk about how to implement message-based security with the Oracle JDeveloper tools.

But I am wondering whether they use WS-Security or the WSS (Web Services Security) version from OASIS? Which makes an essential difference. See Hervey's posts about WS-Security and WSS.

Undocumented fixes by .NET Fx 1.1 SP 1

According to this article, the following bugs have been fixed for XML Web services with .NET Fx 1.1 SP 1.

<CustomErrors mode="Off"/> does not display inner exception messages in runtime SoapException exceptions.

When you set the mode attribute of the <CustomErrors> element to Off, the inner exception type or stack trace is not included for SoapException exception errors. The following code is an example of how to set the mode attribute of the <CustomErrors> element to Off in the Web.config file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <customErrors mode="Off"/>

Note This behavior occurs after you install the .NET Framework 1.1 SP1.

Web service call behavior that occurs when the WebRequest.PreAuthenticate property is set to true.

When you set the PreAuthenticate property to true before you make a Web service call, the credentials are included with the request. Before you install the .NET Framework 1.1 SP1, the behavior that occurs when the PreAuthenticate property is set to true is the following:
1. A PreAuthenticated Web service call request is made without the credentials.
2. The Web service call is denied, and you receive an HTTP 404 error message.
3. A PreAuthenticated Web service call request is made with the credentials.

Note The discovery steps in step 1 and in step 2 are no longer performed when PreAuthenticate property is set to true.