WSCF 0.5: New Features (IV)
WSCF 0.5: New Features (VI)

WSCF 0.5: New Features (V)

Here is the fifth new feature of WSCF 0.5 - thanks to a number of feedback messages from our users:
Enhanced code generation - ASMX Web Service help & doc page
We now provide a working Web Service help page that the user can use when going to the .asmx endpoint with his browser. Currently we just disable this ‘documentation’ feature. This documentation page provides the same test and documentation features as the original one; but it intrinsically disallows calling ‘?wsdl’ on the endpoint (returning a 404). Because we start from the WSDL we do not want to have the WSDL available through the endpoint (although it would be possible technically).


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