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July 2005

jWSCF: Web Services Interface Design for Java and the Eclipse IDE

We keep getting requests to finally enable WSCF for VS 2005. Yep, we are working on that. First we are testing 0.51 to death so that we can release it soon. Then we will do the 0.6 release which will just have the VS2005 support in it with all the existing features.

Recently I kept receiving inquiries whether there is any way to use the WSCF WSDL Wizard inside of a Java environment. Hmm, interesting challenge. After some investigations I took some free minutes to write up a plugin for Eclipse – the definitive no.1 IDE in the Java world. We call it jWSCF.
Please note that this code is just for prototyping is is far from being production ready!

Here is how to use it. No comments, just screenshots – should be self-explanatory :)

… now do the usual and well-known steps to create your Web Service Description


Voila: now you have your WSDL inside your project and can start generating code from it.
I will blog about the different options of code generation inside Eclipse another time.
We will provide the download for the plugin once it has been tested by other persons than me and Buddhike :)

Lemme know your thoughts and feedback. Thanks!

WS-*: Perception and real life

Not that I believe everything (or anything?) Gartner is saying, but their magic quadrants are famous to say the least. Last week they published their recent report on the current state of Web Services, "Magic Quadrant for Web Services Platforms, 2005".

Now it makes me a bit confused when comparing the quadrant with what I hear, see, and experience out there in the wild. IBM is very close to Microsoft, would you have guessed? And BEA seems way off and nearly out of the game... hm ...

I can understand that Microsoft is still leading the 'Ability to Execute/Completeness of Vision' chart.
They have had WSE for some time now and they start to make real noise around Indigo which will augment the development experience of WS-* tremendously.
But what about IBM? I have not seen a lot from them besides the AlphaWorks stuff. And I am not sure that they are promoting v.Next of WebSphere is pushed as proactively as Microsoft does with Indigo & Co.
On the other side I can see some movement in the BEA space, namely WebLogic 9.0.

But at the end of the day it is all about my personal perception - and Gartner surely has researched well enough to justify their report ;)

.NET User Groups Summer Mania 2005

OK, seems like I will be visiting a bunch of INETA .NET user groups in Europe this summer – and it starts already tomorrow. Whew!

So, if you are living in one of these areas I would really love to see you there – let’s chat, let’s discuss, let’s philosophize – let’s have fun.
I love INETA – this is for sure. Thanks for all your hard work, Christian and Damir!

WSCF 0.51 bug fixes - soon!

Thanks for all the patience and especially for all your very valuable feedback testing and reporting issues and bugs for WSCF 0.5.
Yes we ad some annoying QA problems with the latest build and therefore take a bit more time to really test WSCF 0.51 – to make it rock solid for you.

Sidebar: the next releases will incorporate the WSCF community from the very beginning. We plan to set up some kind of community site where you out there can test very early builds – CTPs so to say ;)

Thanks again!