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Christian, First of all Biztalk services does not work with corporate firewalls (which does not allow outbound tcp connection), second if you want to use Biztalk services, then the colud of servers would be under control of Microsoft, basically Microsoft gives you client side SDK so you have to rely Microsoft's infrastructure rather than yours. The better solution is JXTA (https://jxta.dev.java.net/ https://[email protected]/svn/jxta-guide/trunk/src/guide_v2.5/JXSE_ProgGuide_v2.5.pdf).

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Wow, that's a lot of coding. Really interesting that you can get a safe and secure connection like that.

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Very informational article.....The only thing nodes outside of the NAT-shielded network can see is the IP address of the NAT-capable router device.


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