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Do you need a composite transport for WCF?

Accessing the message inside of your WCF service operations

I have been asked this question many times and thought I just put a quick note here.
If you want to access the message from a WCF service operations then you need to distinguish two cases.

Strongly-typed contracts

public string Hello(string hello)
  return hello;

Universal contracts

public void Process(Message message)

But calling ToString() on the message itself will only print <stream>…</stream> if it is a streamed message.
In these cases you may need to do something similar like the following snippet in order to print the body of the streamed message.

XmlTextWriter xtw= new XmlTextWriter(Console.Out);
xtw.Formatting = Formatting.Indented;


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Sasha Goldshtein

RequestContext.RequestMessage is not going to be present on one-way calls, so it's a partial solution at best. I've encountered this problem myself in the past, and ended up writing a message inspector for caching the messages:

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