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A Cloud Manifesto? WTF?!

There is something going on...
Look at this: - a Microsoft guy, not so super-happy - Gillmor’s take – Amazon is not happy with all that, neither - Taft’s take

Oh my god… why can’t these impractical people (I mean those longing for this manifesto) not just stay at home and never look into the sky - erm - clouds?
The cloud is open, per se.

For example, customers considering Azure are on the MS/.NET platform anyway - not sure a lot will move to Azure from a non-MS-centric stack/world. Of course, until recently there was way to much lock-in into Azure which is now, after Mix09, a lot better.
Well, still we have a buy into a specific platform (and partly some specific APIs). But this platform (as others) is “reachable” with open protocols. They have either SOAP-based or HTTP/POX-based APIs (let’s just not call it REST for now…)
They have even SDKs for other platforms, like the Ruby and Java SDK for the .NET Services Service Bus.

What exactly do people want to make interoperable? The platforms itself? Bah!
The cloud is not for kids, it is not for standards bodies, neither, sorry. It is about new visions. It is about new business models. Yes, it is about big money… and to make all this happen - it is especially about *trust*. That shop that gains the most trust will be the most successful – it is that easy.

There is no need for more interop, IMO. That said: we do not need another W3C, another OASIS, another spec, another manifesto. And a war between the worlds.
The cloud is open per se - you choose.

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