thinktecture Security Token Service Starter Kit - or: "Look ma: even *I* can have a STS!"

We are happy to announce the thinktecture Security Token Service (STS) Starter Kit. It shows how to build a basic yet powerful STS based on Geneva Framework (Beta 2) which integrates with all the nice and powerful ASP.NET-isms like membership, roles and profiles.

thinktecture STS Starter Kit
thinktecture STS Starter Kit IIS config
thinktecture STS Starter Kit

The heart of the STS is configured with a simple web.config entry like this:

<starterSTS siteName="thinktecture Security Token Service Starter Sample"
              enableMixedWSTrust="false" />

Read Dominick's blog post for more details and please make sure to watch the Setup & Overview screencast.
Any feedback is highly appreciated!