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Custom TraceListener writing trace messages to the .NET Services Service Bus

Dominick challenged me the other day...
For being able to better log information, warning and error messages in a truly distributed development, testing and operation environment, I built a sample custom TraceListener which leverages the Service Bus to pump tracing messages into the cloud.

Currently I am using the message-buffer-based volatile queuing mechanism in the Service Bus, but will move on to the Queue features introduced in the March 2009 bits soon.

There is a very simple ServiceContract I am using:

[ServiceContract(ConfigurationName = "Thinktecture.ServiceBusTraceListener")]
public interface IMessageTracing
    [OperationContract(IsOneWay = true)]
    void WriteMessage(string message);

All the magic is done in my custom TraceListener implementation. Here is a snippet of the relevant boilerplate code:

public class ServiceBusTraceListener : TraceListener
    public ServiceBusTraceListener()
        : base("Thinktecture.ServiceBusTraceListener")


    public override void Write(string message)

    public override void WriteLine(string message)


This simple implementation uses a thread-safe in-memory queue data structure which is filled from within the TraceListener's WriteLine method. On 'the other side' of the queue there is a consuming thread which reads the messages from the queue (the in-memory one) and sends them to the Service Bus via a NetEventRelayBinding-enabled channel.
The background thread doing the Service Bus communication picks up all relevant WCF configuration from the config file (convention-based).

Download the sample solution.


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