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Ain’t no IIS: Self-hosting thinktecture IdentityServer v2 – a simple proof-of-concept

There have been a couple of people asking for a sample how to host the ‚non-visual' parts of thinktecture IdentityServer v2 outside of IIS & ASP.NET. E.g. in a Windows or a Console (no, not really…) application.

Here on GitHub you will find a very simple simple PoC which hosts the OAuth2 token endpoint. That said, it is obviously by no means feature complete.
This endpoint uses ASP.NET Web API and thus self-hosting is kinda piece of cake.

namespace SelfHostConsoleHost
    internal class SelfHostServer
        private HttpSelfHostServer selfHost;

        public IConfigurationRepository ConfigurationRepository { get; set; }

        public async void Start(string baseAddress)
            var httpConfig = new HttpSelfHostConfiguration(baseAddress);

            Database.SetInitializer(new ConfigurationDatabaseInitializer());

            Container.Current = new CompositionContainer(new RepositoryExportProvider());

            ProtocolConfig.RegisterProtocols(httpConfig, ConfigurationRepository);

            selfHost = new HttpSelfHostServer(httpConfig);

            await selfHost.OpenAsync();

        public async void Stop()
            if (selfHost != null)
                await selfHost.CloseAsync();

As said, it just offers one endpoint:

namespace SelfHostConsoleHost
    public class ProtocolConfig
        public static void RegisterProtocols(HttpConfiguration httpConfiguration, IConfigurationRepository configuration)
            // necessary hack for now - until the DI implementation has been changed
            var a = Assembly.Load("Thinktecture.IdentityServer.Protocols");
            var clientAuthConfig = CreateClientAuthConfig();

            httpConfiguration.MessageHandlers.Add(new RequireHttpsHandler());

            if (configuration.OAuth2.Enabled)
                    name: "oauth2token",
                    routeTemplate: Thinktecture.IdentityServer.Endpoints.Paths.OAuth2Token,
                    defaults: new { controller = "OAuth2Token" },
                    constraints: null,
                    handler: new AuthenticationHandler(clientAuthConfig, httpConfiguration)
        public static AuthenticationConfiguration CreateClientAuthConfig()
            var authConfig = new AuthenticationConfiguration
                InheritHostClientIdentity = false,
                DefaultAuthenticationScheme = "Basic",

            // accept arbitrary credentials on basic auth header,
            // validation will be done in the protocol endpoint
            authConfig.AddBasicAuthentication((id, secret) => true, retainPassword: true);
            return authConfig;

Again: the code is here: Self-Hosted IdentityServer v2 PoC

Hope this helps.


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