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Don Box's new book

Don Box started a new book today! Is this volume 2 of the Essential .NET series? This is the first book: Essential .NET, Volume 1: The Common Language Runtime

Don's first sentence in the new book:
Software lives at the boundary between objective and subjective reality.

Will we get blog information about this book on sentence by sentence? ;-)

Don will also speak at TechEd in Barcelona:

4-Jul, 8:30-9:45
The 'Don' of Web Services: A Guide to Clarity and Stability

A good reason to get up early the day after the TechEd party!



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The Jeff

Just added his Essential .net V1 to my to buy list and then I went to safari books and look and behold it was there, it is now apart of my bookshelf. I love Safari Books!!! I'll let you know how I like the book once I get to it.

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