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TechEd Barcelona - Building International Applications with the .NET Framework

INETA Speakers at TechEd Barcelona

I just arrived home (Austria) from Redmond, tomorrow I'm leaving to Barcelona.

In Barcelona these INETA Europe speakers will have presentations at TechEd:

  • 1-Jul, 13:45-15:00
    • Jackie Goldstein, Microsoft ADO.NET for ADO Classic Developers: Introducing ADO.NET
    • Andreas Eide, ASP.NET: What's new in ASP.NET 1.1 and Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • 2-Jul, 8:30-9:45
    • Clemens Vasters, Gotchas from porting DNA to .NET
    • Jackie Goldstein, Advanced ADO.NET Programming Techniques (The dataset)
  • 2-Jul, 10:00-11:15
    • Fernando Guerrero, TSQL vs. .NET Database Programming: Displelling the Myths for DBAs
  • 2-Jul, 18:15-19:30
    • Christian Nagel, Building International Applications with the Microsoft .NET Framework
    • Clemens Vasters, Microsoft .NET Web Services Internals: I Didn't Know You Could Do That
  • 3-Jul, 8:30-9:45
    • Dave Sussman, Strategies for Website Templates
    • Fernando Guerrero, Extending SQL Server 2000 Functionality with User-Defined Functions: Hidden Tricks
  • 3-Jul, 10:00-11:15
    • Clemens Vasters, Loose Coupling and Serialization Patterns: The Holy Grail of Service Design
  • 3-Jul, 18:15-19:30
    • Alex Homer, Are Our Clients Destined To Be Dumb?
    • Clemens Vasters, Layers and Tiers
    • Christian Weyer, Ouch! Common XML Web Services Headaches (and possible solutions)
  • 4-Jul, 10:00-11:15
    • Fernando Guerrero, SQL Server 2000 Profiler: The Databases Programmer's Best Friend
    • Alex Homer, Dave Sussman, Microsoft ASP.NET Templating and Accessibility
  • 4-Jul, 14:30-15:45
    • Jurgen Postelmans, Microsoft ASP.NET: Extending the ASP.NET Runtime
  • 4-Jul, 16:00-17:15
    • Clemens Vasters, Aspect-Oriented Programming

INETA US Speakers:

  • 1-Jul, 15:15-16:30
    • Billy Hollis, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Tips and Tricks
  • 2-Jul, 11:45-13:00
    • Billy Hollis, Deploying Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Applications
    • Juval Lowy, C# Best Practices
  • 2-Jul, 18:15-19:30
    • Ken Getz, Presenting Data using the Microsoft ASP.NET DataGrid Control
    • Juval Lowy, Building High-Performance Applications with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
  • 3-Jul, 8:30-9:45
    • Juval Lowy, .NET Enterprise Services and why you should use it
    • Kate Gregory, What's New in Visual C++ .NET 2003
  • 3-Jul, 10:00-11:15
    • Keith Pleas, Upgrading VB 6 Applications to Microsoft Visual Basic .NET
  • 3-Jul, 11:45-13:00
    • Keith Pleas, Best Practices for Debugging Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Applications
  • 3-Jul, 15:00-16:15
    • Billy Hollis, Programming for the Middle-Tier Business in Visual Basic .NET
    • Juval Lowy, Application and Library Versioning with the Microsoft .NET Framework
  • 3-Jul, 16:45-18:00
    • Kate Gregory, Head-Spinning Microsoft Visual C++ Managed-Native Interoperability
  • 4-Jul, 11:45-13:00
    • Billy Hollis, Expert Tips: Microsoft Windows Forms and Controls and the Microsoft .NET Framework
  • 4-Jul, 14:30-15:45
    • Keith Pleas, Taking Controls of the Base Classes in the Microsoft .NET Framework
    • Juval Lowy, Expert Tips: Microsoft C#

Many sessions - your choice :-)

See you in Barcelona!


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