Partial Types with C#
.NET Meeting in Klagenfurt, Carinthia

Advanced C++

C++ is still needed by many customers.

Next week (16-18 Jul-2003) I'm teaching an Advanced C++ course. Although this course is not in our normal course program anymore, we had some customer requests - now the course nearly sold out. Also, in the last months I've helped one customer writing COM components using C++/ATL (this was a requirement by the client).

This will be a fun-week of RTTI, containers, iterators, algorithms, functors, adaptors...

I can't wait to work with generics and C#



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Sam Gentile

Heh, yes, by a lot of customers in fact. Thats not to mention all the ones needing to bring billions of lines of it into the .NET world via MC++. Some of us even make a living that way-)

Christian Nagel

Of course. I would love to coach/teach people doing MC++, but the market in Austria seems to small. There's more need for C#.

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