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CultureDemo from TechEd Barcelona

TechEd - Building International Applications with the .NET Framework

I love the extensibility of the .NET Framework!

With my TechEd presentation DEV-382, "Building International Applications with the Microsoft .NET Framework" I will not only show international applications, but also one example of a "universal" application.

I've extended the class CultureInfo to demonstrate how .NET applications can be translated to the Klingon language. Every developer should know the Klingon - from the Star Trek (Enterprise) series. A dictionary English - Klingon is available at Amazon.

Such an extension of the class CultureInfo is not only useful for applications outside earth, but can also be used to change the locality inside of regions. For example Styria, Vienna, Upper Austria (regions in Austria) do have some different words.

See you in room 9:
Wednesday, 2-Jul, 18:15-19:30, DEV-382

More information about my other samples in this presentation is here.



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Roy Osherove

Sounds very cool! ANy chance of seeing the code samples afterwards somewhere?

Christian Nagel

Yes, after TechEd I will post the samples on my web-site :-)

Jonathan Crossland

I wonder if this is the first sample in Klingon?

Now, I'm wondering what their coding language syntax would be.

Good one Christian. :)

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