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August 2003

Virtual .NET Training

Today I'm starting a virtual .NET Training for a company in Germany. The training consists of 16 training sessions. At Global Knowledge we are using InterWise as a tool. This tool makes it possible to interact with the students.

The students have the goal to get the Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) certification after the training. However, they also have to do many labs between the training sessions.

I've already done several virtual training sessions, many .NET Boot Camps, and some blended solutions (mixed virtual and onsite) before, but this is the first 100% virtual training.


The Role of INETA

With Paschal's blog entry INETA Potential: Not For Craggy Island it may look like INETA is creating user groups. This is not the case. Instead, INETA supports existing user groups. A existing group can apply for INETA membership.

Criteria for membership:

  • Have a significant .NET focus
  • Have an established user group
  • Hold regular in-person meetings open to anyone
  • Have a user group web site
  • Make every effort to grow the group and expand the local .NET community

What is the advantage for a user group being an INETA member?

  • Best practices to start and run a user group
  • Templates for Web sites
  • Discussion forums
  • Presentation repository
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Searchable User Group directory
  • ...

More information is found on the INETA web site.


Weblogs of Microsoft Regional Directors

Now when Ingo Rammer was appointed as a new Microsoft Regional Director I've collected the weblogs of Regional Directors:

Many German-speaking RD's do have a weblog, and Ingo has two: he has a second weblog for his book-writing activities: Ingo's BookBlog

Here you can find all Microsoft Regional Directors.


Ingo Rammer: new member of the Regional Director Program

Ingo Rammer is now a member of the Microsoft Regional Directors program!


Now we are two regional directors located in Austria. However I'm meeting Ingo also many times in other countries.

Ingo is author of the successful book Advanced .NET Remoting, speaker with INETA, speaker at many international conferences...

 Here you can search for a regional director in your area. 


Regional Directors aren't Microsoft employees--they're independent developers, architects, trainers, and other professionals who provide a vital link between Microsoft and the developer community. These technical experts can give you the insight and informed perspective you need to start developing .NET-connected software today--whether you need help learning about the .NET Framework, training developers, or implementing all aspects of a solution. Contact a Microsoft-endorsed Regional Director to kick off your project today.

More about delegates

Don Box writes more about delegates:

With the first entry he explains the differences of these declarations:

public delegate void EventHandler1<S>(S sender, EventArgs args);
public delegate void EventHandler2<S,E>(S sender, E args) where E: EventArgs;
Of course the second declaration allows using strong types that are derived from EventArgs. The second post explains this issue more detailed. Don gives more information about delegate compatibility: constraints today.