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Ingo Rammer: new member of the Regional Director Program

Ingo Rammer is now a member of the Microsoft Regional Directors program!


Now we are two regional directors located in Austria. However I'm meeting Ingo also many times in other countries.

Ingo is author of the successful book Advanced .NET Remoting, speaker with INETA, speaker at many international conferences...

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Regional Directors aren't Microsoft employees--they're independent developers, architects, trainers, and other professionals who provide a vital link between Microsoft and the developer community. These technical experts can give you the insight and informed perspective you need to start developing .NET-connected software today--whether you need help learning about the .NET Framework, training developers, or implementing all aspects of a solution. Contact a Microsoft-endorsed Regional Director to kick off your project today.


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Ingo Rammer

Thanks, Christian. Looking forward to meeting you again at the PDC ;) -Ingo Note for the innocent: Christian and I live about 5 miles apart but usually manage to meet only in exotic places.

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