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The Role of INETA

With Paschal's blog entry INETA Potential: Not For Craggy Island it may look like INETA is creating user groups. This is not the case. Instead, INETA supports existing user groups. A existing group can apply for INETA membership.

Criteria for membership:

  • Have a significant .NET focus
  • Have an established user group
  • Hold regular in-person meetings open to anyone
  • Have a user group web site
  • Make every effort to grow the group and expand the local .NET community

What is the advantage for a user group being an INETA member?

  • Best practices to start and run a user group
  • Templates for Web sites
  • Discussion forums
  • Presentation repository
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Searchable User Group directory
  • ...

More information is found on the INETA web site.



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There is actually a .NET group on craggy Island (Ireland) - They're not in INETA but they fulfill the criteria so I might send on the suggestion that they join up.

Christian Nagel

Duncan, is already member of INETA and seem to be very successful. They also had an INETA sponsored speaker - Christian Weyer - with on of their last sessions. Christian

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