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CLR and Phoenix

Andrew Stopford mentions that there's not a lot new in the CLR for 2.0, and asks "Maybe the Phoneix stuff will be added on later?".

The slides on the research web site mention a release date of Mid-2005 for Phoenix - so I guess this is too late for Whidbey.

However, we also get cool new CLR features with 2.0: generics are part of the CLR. See Jason Clark's MSDN Mag article.

Btw, Phoenix is "a next-generation framework for Microsoft compiler and software engineering tools (managed, mixed code and unmanaged)".



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My guess... that'll show up in Orcas http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/productinfo/roadmap.aspx#orcas

Christian Nagel

The time would be right :-)

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