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September 2003


I just had a discussion with a customer asking what's the role of InfoPath.

InfoPath 2003 is a really cool product to create forms accessing XML Web Services. Forms can be created automatically by referencing a XML schema, a database, or a web service. Forms are stored in an XML format and can be easily distributed.

However, custom validation is done by using JavaScript. InfoPath shouldn't be used to create a complex UI. This is the role of Windows Forms.

Update: Rufus Ruse mentioned the InfoPath SDK. With the InfoPath SDK it is possible to get rendering in IE for non-InfoPath end-users.


CLR and Phoenix

Andrew Stopford mentions that there's not a lot new in the CLR for 2.0, and asks "Maybe the Phoneix stuff will be added on later?".

The slides on the research web site mention a release date of Mid-2005 for Phoenix - so I guess this is too late for Whidbey.

However, we also get cool new CLR features with 2.0: generics are part of the CLR. See Jason Clark's MSDN Mag article.

Btw, Phoenix is "a next-generation framework for Microsoft compiler and software engineering tools (managed, mixed code and unmanaged)".


Creating Plug-ins with Reflection

Today Peter Koen was giving a presentation how to create plug-ins using .NET Reflection for the .NET User Group Austria. Peter demonstrated reflection, using interfaces, and attributes.

Peter will give the same presentation at the BASTA! conference in Germany.

All the samples are available for download

Usually Peter is a graphic guy as can be seen with his web site