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I've added a new category to my weblog: Code Snippets.

Here I will show some code segments that generate special interest in my courses.

For example, one "homework" that I've given to my online students is that they should create a class to make this code happen:

Person p1 = new Person("Arnold", "Schwarzenegger");
p1.City = "Los Angeles";

Person p2 = new Person();
p2.FirstName = "Niki";
p2.LastName = "Lauda";

The interesting part follows here, custom formatting of the person objects:

Console.WriteLine("{0:Lastname}", p2);
Console.WriteLine("{0:Full}", p1);

The output should be:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Los Angeles

I will post the answer here after PDC, when the "homework" should be completed :-)



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Travis Laborde

did the dog eat the homework?

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