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October 2003

MSF Practitioner

Yesterday I've done the new certification for the MSF Practitioner. Passed :-)

I've already been MSF (Microsoft Solutions Framework) certified for many years. With the first MSF version an on-site certifcation was needed. Last year the re-certification was an interview on the phone. Yesterday I've done an online-exam.

Now you can ask me for MSF coaching ;-)

I'm writing this sitting at the airport in Vienna - on my way to PDC.


ASP.NET 2.0 Features

Scott Guthrie describes his Cool Tips and Tricks talk for PDC:

  • Cross Page Postbacks
  • ValidationGroups: no validation with a Cancel
  • Workflows with the asp:Wizard control
  • new ImageGeneration service
  • Url Rewriting
  • SiteCounter service
  • A content management system with the FileSystemProvider
  • "No Compile" Pages
  • Forms Authentication with the new Membership and Role Management system
  • Client-script goodies
  • Build-Providers
  • RSS Blog Reader

Many new cool features!


Filling DataSets with Multiple Tables

Filling a DataSet with multiple tables can be done by sending multiple requests to the database, or in a faster way: Multiple SELECT statements can be sent to the database server in a single request. The problem here is that the tables generated from the queries have automatic names Table and Table1. However, the generated table names can be mapped to names that should be used in the DataSet

SqlDataAdapter adapter = new SqlDataAdapter(
"SELECT * FROM Customers; SELECT * FROM Orders", connection);
adapter.TableMappings.Add("Table", "Customer");
adapter.TableMappings.Add("Table1", "Order");



Code Snippets

I've added a new category to my weblog: Code Snippets.

Here I will show some code segments that generate special interest in my courses.

For example, one "homework" that I've given to my online students is that they should create a class to make this code happen:

Person p1 = new Person("Arnold", "Schwarzenegger");
p1.City = "Los Angeles";

Person p2 = new Person();
p2.FirstName = "Niki";
p2.LastName = "Lauda";

The interesting part follows here, custom formatting of the person objects:

Console.WriteLine("{0:Lastname}", p2);
Console.WriteLine("{0:Full}", p1);

The output should be:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Los Angeles

I will post the answer here after PDC, when the "homework" should be completed :-)


NGen Future Directions

Jason Zander has a really good blog about NGen - he talks about the advantages of NGen, and where it should / should not be used.

Jason also gives some Future Directions on this tool that we may see at PDC:

  • ngen /repair - fixing up cached images
  • New API's - application out of date? query the state, force to auto-correct
  • Double loads - CLR loads IL image and NGen image: this may be avoided in the future
  • Indirections - NGen images contain a lot of fix-up tables for dynamic data structures, the startup code is slower. This may change. 


Matrix Revolutions

I've just created a web service client to get a cinema ticket for Matrix Revolutions. Microsoft Austria offers cinema tickets for Matrix Revolutions by calling a Web Service. I like this idea!

Calling the web service an email is returned that includes the cinema ticket in form of an EAN code.

I'm not posting the link to this web service here, because you have to be in Vienna to go to the cinema. If you are in Vienna on 7-November, you can contact me for a link :-)