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Future of VB

Keith Pleas blogs about the Future of VB. Keith has the opinion that VB needs more differentation, and with VB it should be possible to do something that can't be done with C#.

I agree that VB needs more differentiation. However, I don't agree that there should be something that can't be done with C#.

Looking back at VB6 / C++: There is not a thing that VB could do that was not possible doing it in C++. However, there was enough reason for 6 million VB developers to use this language because it was easier.

With .NET 1.1 VB.NET is too complex for many of the VB programmers. VB.NET Whidbey should be easier to work with - and I guess it will be.

One of the features that VB.NET Whidbey will have: Edit & Continue will be back for VB.



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Yes, a lot of the new features in VB Whidbey are geared towards making it even more RAD and bringing back things to help migrate more developers and make it easier for them


I realy don't think that dumbing down the product is the answer. For those who don't (I do) use c#, VB.Net puts them on equal footing.


I use both throughout my day. Everyone should listen to the .NET Rocks Show with Amanda Silver and Paul Vick. They talked about how the way you build an application will differentiate through time between VB.NET and C#, but the language functionality won't.


Andrew, With my training and consulting job I'm in contact with many VB6 devlopers. Indeed there is a problem with the complexity of VB.NET to get many of these developers on board. So it really helps to make it easier with VB.NET Whidbey to get these developers to .NET. However, this doesn't mean that this is dumbing down the product. On the other side, VB.NET Whidbey gets many new features (e.g. operator overloading, generics). Advanced VB developers can use these features. Also, I don't see a reason to add all C# features to VB.NET - e.g. I don't expect VB developers to write unsafe code. Christian


Edit and continue has nothing to do with VB.NET or C#. It is an IDE feature that should be accessible to all VS.NET developers, no matter what language they're using. Amitai (worried C# developer)


Amitai, I agree with you that this feature would be nice with VB.NET and C#. My current knowledge is that with Whidbey it will only implemented with VB.NET. C# will have some other (I think more important) new features. Christian

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