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November 2003

Future of VB

Keith Pleas blogs about the Future of VB. Keith has the opinion that VB needs more differentation, and with VB it should be possible to do something that can't be done with C#.

I agree that VB needs more differentiation. However, I don't agree that there should be something that can't be done with C#.

Looking back at VB6 / C++: There is not a thing that VB could do that was not possible doing it in C++. However, there was enough reason for 6 million VB developers to use this language because it was easier.

With .NET 1.1 VB.NET is too complex for many of the VB programmers. VB.NET Whidbey should be easier to work with - and I guess it will be.

One of the features that VB.NET Whidbey will have: Edit & Continue will be back for VB.


Changing the ASP.NET Runtime Version

I was just browsing through an ASP.NET book that said about changing the ASP.NET runtime for a single web application to select every file extension with the Internet Information Server Admin configuration to choose the right version of the ISAPI DLL.

This is too much work for me. It's a lot easier using the command line:

> aspnet_regiis.exe -s W3SVC/1/ROOT/mydemoweb


Scott Watermasysk mentioned a better way instead of the command line:

Whidbey Presentations for User Groups

Wednesday I was giving a presentation about Whidbey for the .NET User Group Austria. I've shown Visual Studio enhancements, generics with C# and VB.NET, ASP.NET Master Pages, Skinning/Themes, Site Navigation, ASP.NET Security, new Data Controls.

The feedback from the attendees was great.

With other user groups, Whidbey is presented, too:

Frank Eller will show Whidbey for the .NET User Group West Austria.

Michiel van Otegem has shown ASP.NET 2.0 in Belgium.

Dave Sussman will talk about ASP.NET 2.0 for the London .NET User Group.

Andreas Eide, ASP.NET 2.0: Norwegian .NET User Group


.NET User Group Austria - .NET 2.0

With the next meeting of the .NET User Group Austria (19-Nov-2003) I will show new features of .NET 2.0 and in special ASP.NET 2.0: some PDC information for the User Group members. With ASP.NET I will demonstrate Master Pages, Skinning/Themes, Personalization, ADO.NET, Visual Studio .NET enhancements, and more!

Klaus Aschenbrenner already asked me to give this presentation in Graz for the .NET User Group Styria. I will be in Graz beginning next year.


Chapter 3 - Concurrency

Chapter 3: Concurrency

This chapter deals with concurrency of serviced components. For integrating COM components with .NET components it is necessary to know about apartments as well as activities, and the .NET synchronization options. So this chapter is all about these issues.

Of course services without components is in this chapter, too. This cool Windows Server 2003 feature is spread across the book.

In case this is not known already: services without components makes it possible to use Enterprise Services feature without configuring components. The class System.EnterpriseServices.Activity makes use of this feature.