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November 2003

Matrix Revolutions - Ticket by a Webservice

Today I've seen the film Matrix Revolutions. The cinema ticket was an email with a bar code for the room number, row, and seat:

The email arrived by programming a Web Service client and calling the method RegisterUser in a web service. If you are interested, the WSDL is here:

Some client applications seemed to be "open source". I have met some non-programmers at this event ;-)

This was a cool event organized by Microsoft Austria!


Avalon and Sparkle

In his PDC keynote Jim Allchin already mentioned that Avalon is a unified presentation model for Windows apps, Web apps, and Media apps.

More information about the Media part and the tool "Microsoft Sparkle" is now here:
Microsoft Hopes to Smother Flash with 'Sparkle'

Microsoft to Automate 'Avalon' Coding with 'Sparkle'

and here:
New Longhorn Graphics Tool Called "Flashkiller"


Back Home

Today I've arrived back home from PDC, after a few day vacation in San Francisco. Thanks to Matt, Simon, and Phil who had good tips for San Francisco.

In addition to Fisherman's Wharf, the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito, Alcatraz tour, Musee Mechanique, a ride on a cable-car we had a long walk through Chinatown, walked through a submarine at Fisherman's Wharf, and we've been at Muir Woods. These giant trees are really great!

Of course PDC has also been worthwhile! More to come on the new technologies.

The PDC's that I've attended so far:

  • The .NET PDC - Orlando, 2000
  • The Hailstorm PDC - Los Angeles, 2001
  • The Whidbey & Yukon PDC - Los Angeles, 2003