Chapter 5 - Network Access
Whidbey Typed DataSet

My newest book arrived: Visual C# .NET 2003 Developer's Cookbook

My newest book arrived: Visual C# .NET 2003 Developer's Cookbook.

This book has a cookbook-style (as the name says). Every section starts with a "You want to...", and a how-to technique and comments that follow.

  • You want to create a custom proxy to intercept method calls before they are passed to the sink.
  • You want to use reflection to create a plug-in architecture for your application.
  • During the installation of your control, you want to automatically add the control's icon to the Visual Studio .NET IDE toolbox.

The book has 28 chapters covering a lot of different "how to" guides.


With this book I've helped out and written just a single chapter (that's why my name is not listed on the cover).
Now I'm very busy with my next book which will have 15 chapters.



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Klaus Aschenbrenner

In how many books do you have already contributed? ;-) -Klaus


Klaus, You can see all my books on the weblogs-homepage: Professional C# Beginning Visual C# Visual C# .NET Developer's Cookbook Professional .NET Network Programming ASP to ASP.NET Migration Handbook Professional C# Web Services - .NET Remoting and ASP.NET Web Services Data-Centric .NET Programming with C#

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