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Presenting to Win - The Art of Telling Your Story

Harald Leitenmüller (Microsoft Austria) mentioned that the book Presenting to Win - The Art of Telling Your Story helped him a lot with preparing his morning keynote (Alex Holy and his team: Beat Schwegler, Mario Szpuszta and Harald Leitenmüller) for the .NET Day in Vienna.

I'm just reading chapter 6 of this book, and it is really great. There are many good ideas from Jerry Weissman that help doing great presentations.

The chapters:

  • You and Your Audience
  • The Power of the WIIFY
  • Getting Creative: The Expansive Art of Brainstorming
  • Finding Your Flow
  • Capturing Your Audience Immediately
  • Communicating Visually
  • Making the Text Talk
  • Making the Numbers Sing
  • Using Graphics to Help Your Story Flow
  • Bringing Your Story To Live
  • Customizing Your Presentation
  • Pitching in the Majors

Presenting to Win

Here is a link for my friends in Germany/Austria/Switzerland: - Presenting to Win - The Art of Telling Your Story.



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Christian Nagel's OneNotes

AUTHOR: Christian Nagel's OneNotes
DATE: 03/19/2004 04:23:00 AM

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