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Don Box Deconstructing .NET Remoting

Creating a Klingon Culture

Are you attending TechEd Europe? I have a presentation about localization and globalization of .NET applications:

Creating a Klingon Culture

I already had a Klingon sample to extend resources with help of a custom resource reader:
nuqneHdir and Qapla'

This time I will go further and have a deeper look into how to extend localization and globalization features. Of course I will also show .NET 2.0 changes. What are your issues with localization / globalization?

BTW, you can nominate a topic for Birds of Feather. See more about this here and in Tim Sneath's blog.



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Douglas Husemann

Christian, I don't know how far the localization/globalization in Klingon goes. I would be interested in these points. (and this will be showing up on Brad Abrams comments also) But the main issue would be handleing the Calendar situation. Taking an abstract calendar (havn't research Klingon mythology enough to know if a calandar has been created) The following situations occur. A gregorian Date is Localized to said calendar. A gregorian date in a specific document time is imported (must be sortable but must also maintain it's literal format) date localizations are interesting. as I said in Brads blog about date time I deal with records that One must maintain their original tranlation until they are translated. Sometimes in the process of Localization/globalization assumptions are made that dates should always be localized which obviously can cause some issues.


There is no need to worry about timely help on any given problem or theoretical theme or a review of some literature

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