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Referencing Assemblies with Visual Studio 2005 and Versioning

Did you ever have a problem with referencing a assembly with Visual Studio? Visual Studio .NET 2003 "usually" updates the reference to the assembly if a new version of the assembly is available.
With Visual Studio 2005 it can be configured if the reference should be updated automatically to the current version, or if a reference should be fixed with one version:

 Assembly Reference

I like this new feature :-)


Creating a Klingon Culture

Are you attending TechEd Europe? I have a presentation about localization and globalization of .NET applications:

Creating a Klingon Culture

I already had a Klingon sample to extend resources with help of a custom resource reader:
nuqneHdir and Qapla'

This time I will go further and have a deeper look into how to extend localization and globalization features. Of course I will also show .NET 2.0 changes. What are your issues with localization / globalization?

BTW, you can nominate a topic for Birds of Feather. See more about this here and in Tim Sneath's blog.


Pitfalls with Queued Components

I just had a discussion with a friend who had problems using Queued Components with ASP.NET.

The issues:

  • Using the queue moniker from ASP.NET, the ASPNET account needs access to the type library.
  • With QC you cannot pass serializable objects with the paremeters. The objects must implement IPersistStream. The easiest way to send objects to the QC is by using strings.

All these issues can be read in chapter 10 of my upcoming book .NET Enterprise Services.


Chapter 15 - Case Study

The last chapter of my upcoming book is a case study that includes a complete solution with multiple projects. The scenario of this case study includes multiple cooperating companies.

  • Data access classes that use ADO.NET for invoking stored procedures in SQL Server
  • Serviced components that makes use of the data access classes
  • A Windows Forms application as a client-front end to access the serviced components
  • A Web service that's used by the "partner" company
  • Queued components for disconnected access
  • A Web application as front end for end users

Now I'm going back to my earlier chapters to work through the comments of my reviewers :-)

Here are the other chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14


Whidbey C# Featurette

Eric Gunersson blogs about Whidbey C# Features: