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April 2004

BOF at TechEd Europe

INETA Europe is running Birds of a Feather (BOF) this year at TechEd Europe!

INETA was already running the Birds of a Feather at PDC 2003, and it's running at DevConnections in Orlando and TechEd in San Diego.

The BOF is not a presentation; it is a community-driven discussions/debates around a particular issue. There is no speaker - just a moderator for the topic and everyone is encouraged to participate and to discuss the topic at hand.

Are you attending TechEd Europe? Do you have a topic of interest? Do you want to be a moderator? Go the the INETA BOF site, select TechEd Europe and submit a topic!

INETA volunteers - UG leaders - are you interested helping out with BOF? Please contact Damir Tomicic!


Chapter 14 - The Future of Distributed Applications

In chapter 14 I'm comparing .NET Enterprise Services technologies with Web serivces specifications. Often there is a good match between these two technologies looking at

Discussing these specifications I'm also giving some first impressions of Indigo, and how the move to Indigo could be done with serviced components.

If the Enterprise Services functionality helps, programming .NET Enterprise Services today is the best way to be prepared for Indigo :-)


Discussions around the World: Microsoft to remove the Calculator from Windows

I never thought that I would get that many responses to my blog Microsoft to remove the Calculator from Windows.

Thousands of hits with my blog entry, and it is discussed around the world. Google didn't know about Nisbum and Repeou before my blog, now there are many hits.

Blogs about it:


And more:

I guess I should write more fun-blogs ;-)