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Pitfalls with Queued Components

I just had a discussion with a friend who had problems using Queued Components with ASP.NET.

The issues:

  • Using the queue moniker from ASP.NET, the ASPNET account needs access to the type library.
  • With QC you cannot pass serializable objects with the paremeters. The objects must implement IPersistStream. The easiest way to send objects to the QC is by using strings.

All these issues can be read in chapter 10 of my upcoming book .NET Enterprise Services.



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Michael Bouck

I feel your pain and went through a fair amount of work to make things less painful -- check it out: http://www.gotdotnet.com/Community/UserSamples/Details.aspx?SampleGuid=3537C3CE-8E80-46AF-BAF7-7D919E320607


Michael, it wasn't a pain ;-) Anyway, thanks for the link.

Ian Dunross

Can Queued Components be deployed on separate machine. I.e 3 webservers running ASP.NET and 1 Server running Queued Components Have you documented any deployment issues. Regards, Ian

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