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May 2004

Do more with less

"Do more with less" was one of Steve Ballmer's slogans at the keynote on Monday.

Goals that are so well known:

  • Productivity
  • Total cost of ownership

Goals that Microsoft supports with upcoming tools. Of course, these are the reasons for doing upgrades.

Steve moved into the history: "Do you remember what we had 10 years ago?
Many people had no PC's, no Internet, no mobile phones…".
No TCP/IP stack included with the operating system. Hundreds of different vendors offered TCP/IP stacks. This was also one of my arguments against anti-MS cases before I've talked about the removal of the calculator.

What will happen the next 10 years?
Steve: "All I see is blue skies"

Steve mentioned interesting partnerships with the VSIP program: Oracle and Visual Studio.

New tools and technologies:

  • Visual Studio 2005 Team System
  • Web Services Enhancements 2.0
  • Microsoft Office Information Bridge Framework


TechEd Europe - BOF Sessions

The BOF Sessions at TechEd Europe will be defined on 25-May. If you have some ideas for BOF sessions please submit them now! You can also vote for sessions:

The proposals available for voting:

  • MSF and MOF - what's in it for me, Thomas Lee
  • Terminal Services in Large Enterprises, Bernhard Tritsch
  • MS Patterns & Practices - are they relevant to me? Jackie Goldstein
  • Hacking a Webserver, Peter Koen
  • Experiences with WSH and other Windows Scripting Technologies, Holger Schwichtenberg
  • Now what are they doing to my VB? Jackie Goldstein
  • Integrating unit testing practices in the software development lifecycle, James Newkirk
  • SQL Server 2005 - CLR Integration, Peter Koen
  • Enhancing SQL Server Performance, Peter Koen
  • Creating Scheduled Applications (Tasks), Abdallah Hantoush
  • Offshore Outsourcing in Europe, Andrew Filev