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new consulting company with the focus on providing support to software architects and developers was formed. Every member of the team has a long experience in design and development of .NET solutions and together we are able to offer the best support you can get. I'm proud of being a member of this team.


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Interface Inheritance

Memi Lavi writes about inherits vs. implements in C#, and that the difference gets much more obvious with VB. He also talks about multiple inheritance with interfaces is not possible.

Mostly I'm writing my programs with C# (sometimes C++ and VB). Now I've done some VB code to see the difference.

Multiple inheritance is possible with interfaces, and VB also uses the Inherits keyword here:

Public Interface IA
    Sub A()
End Interface

Public Interface IB
    Sub B()
End Interface

Public Interface IC
    Inherits IA, IB
    Sub C()
End Interface

Multiple inheritance with interfaces.

With C# it is possible that a class derives from an interface but gets the interface implementation from an abstract base class. The C# code is here:

public interface IA
   void A();

public abstract class XA
   public void A() { }

public class X : XA, IA  // get the implementation of IA from XA

Such a scenario seems not possible with VB. With the Implements keyword of VB, always an implementation is needed.

Of course the code can be changed, so that the abstract class implements the interface.


CodeZone Magazine 01/2004

Today I've received the new CodeZone magazine. Articles about WinFS, XAML, Tech-Ed 2004 Europe, UGIdotNET...

Andrea Saltarello (he is a big help with INETA Europe) has written an article about the Italian .NET User Group, UGIdotNET. This group started in 2001 and now has 7000 members. Last year with a full-day meeting a cinema was used for the technical presentations, and after the presentations the film Matrix 3 - Revolutions was shown. This was the Revolutions Workshop.

More about the group and other articles in the CodeZone magazine. I'm sure you can get it with the next meeting at your local .NET User Group (in Europe).


Four days to go

Some rumours are spreading. What is true?

Four days to go for a great announcement.

I like Armand's comments:
This is like starting a beta download and then having to wait a whole weekend for it to finish before getting to play with it :-)
Can't wait


New INETA .NET User Groups in Europe

It's some time since my last blog about new INETA .NET User Groups in Europe.

INETA Europe is still growing. The latest additions since the last entry:



TechEd Europe - BOF

Session proposals for TechEd Europe Birds of a Feather are coming in. Are you attending TechEd? Do you have a topic you want to discuss?

Submit a proposal:!

The BOF is not a presentation; it is a community-driven discussions/debates around a particular issue. There is no speaker - just a moderator for the topic and everyone is encouraged to participate and to discuss the topic at hand.

These are the topics that are available for voting:

  • MSF and MOF - what's in it for me, Thomas Lee
  • MS Patterns & Practices - are they relevant to me? Jackie Goldstein
  • Hacking a Webserver - Peter Koen
  • Now what are they going to do to my VB? Jackie Goldstein
  • Integrating unit testing practices in the software development lifecycle - James Newkirk
  • SQL Server 2005 - CLR Integration - Peter Koen
  • Enhancing SQL Server Performance - Peter Koen
  • Offshore Outsourcing in Europe - Andrew Filev