.NET User Group Austria: Globalization and Localization Features - .NET 2.0
My Schedule for TechEd Europe

European VB.NET Team Tour

The VB.NET Team makes a tour around Europe, presentations for .NET User Groups.

Things you didn't know you could do with VB: 

This hour-long presentation will take you through new tools and development areas for using your existing Visual Basic .NET 2003 skills.  Topics covered will include the new Visual Basic Power Pack, development for the Tablet PC and building Office applications with the Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System.

An Introduction to Visual Basic 2005:

Come see the new features coming in Visual Basic 2005.  We'll take a look at new features such as My, new deployment technology with ClickOnce, new debugging tools including the return of Edit and Continue, and much more.  This is a chance to see the technology while it's still in production from the team thats building it

The tour dates:

Vienna, Austria July 5, 2004 .NET User Group Austria
London, UK July 5, 2004 Visual Basic Usergroup
Munich, Germany July 6, 2004 .NET User Group Bayern, Germany
Porto, Portugal July 7, 2004 Comunidade .NET do ISEP/IPP
Milan, Italy July 8, 2004 UGIdotNET
Vic, Spain July 8, 2004 Spain .NET
Paris, France July 12, 2004
Zagreb, Croatia July 14, 2004 SQL Server Developers User Group
Zurich, Switzerland July 15, 2004 .NET Managed User Group of Switzerland
Vevey, Switzerland July 16, 2004 .NET Managed User Group of Switzerland



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Stefano Demiliani

I will be in Milan the 8th of July too... I'd like to meet you :)


Stefano, with this tour I'm only in Vienna. But we can meet at TechEd, Amsterdam.

Martin Naughton

Hi, Do you have any sign-up details? Thanks, Martin


Martin, I've added links to the usergroups. There you should find more information with links to the registration.

Christian Nagel's OneNotes

AUTHOR: Christian Nagel's OneNotes
DATE: 07/04/2004 03:17:00 AM

Christian Nagel's OneNotes

AUTHOR: Christian Nagel's OneNotes
DATE: 07/04/2004 03:40:00 AM


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