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July 2004

VB.NET Rocks Team Tour

Yesterday Jay Roxe and Sean Drain did some great presentations for the .NET User Group Austria. Vienna was the first stop of the User Group tour that has been organized by INETA Europe. The picture of the T-Shirt shows the cities of this tour.

VB.NET Rocks

Jay Roxe started with a presentation about current Visual Basic .NET tools, "Things you didn't know you could do with VB". Jay demonstrated using the new Visual Basic Power Pack that includes full-licensed third-party components. How easy it is to do Ink programming for the TabletPC was the second part of the presentation that was followed by a demonstration how to use Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System. A wish that comes up fairly often (at the UG meeting as well) is support for older Office versions.

After a break the presentation from Sean Drain was about "An introduction to Visual Basic 2005". Among other features Sean showed click-once deployment, My, Toolstrip features, the new Data View control which supports custom column types, Data Visualizers for debugging......

Requests and issues that came up during the presentation:

  • Managed code support for MMC - Alex Holy mentioned a resolution about this issue: the next version of Windows Server 2003 will support a new .NET version of MMC.
  • Extensibility of smart tags - maybe there will be support in a future version of Visual Studio

Here are the complete tour dates.

In Germany the session will be webcast live to connect all User Groups in Germany!


VB.NET Team in Austria

On Monday the VB.NET Team is giving presentations for the .NET User Group Austria! After TechEd in Amsterdam the VB.NET Team makes a tour around Europe.

Here is the time, location, and registration information:

The presentations from Sean Drain and Jay Roxe:

Things you didn't know you could do with VB: 

This hour-long presentation will take you through new tools and development areas for using your existing Visual Basic .NET 2003 skills.  Topics covered will include the new Visual Basic Power Pack, development for the Tablet PC and building Office applications with the Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System.

An Introduction to Visual Basic 2005:

Come see the new features coming in Visual Basic 2005.  We'll take a look at new features such as My, new deployment technology with ClickOnce, new debugging tools including the return of Edit and Continue, and much more.  This is a chance to see the technology while it's still in production from the team thats building it.

Sean Drain

Sean Draine is a Program Manager on the Visual Basic team at Microsoft currently working on project and deployment. Other projects he's worked on include Visual Basic.NET data tools, the Visual Studio.NET shell, and Visual Interdev 6.0. Prior to joining Microsoft, Sean earned a PhD in Cognitive Psychology and founded Millisecond Software, a psychological research tools software vendor. When not working, Sean enjoys surfing, snowboarding, music, and hanging out with his daughter.

Sean Draine

Jay Roxe

Jay Roxe is the Product Manager for Visual Basic at Microsoft. In this role, Jay is responsible for product planning, technical evangelism and external communication. Prior to this role, Jay was a developer and development lead on the .NET Framework where he had responsibility for the Base Class Libraries. Jay holds a BSE in Computer Science from Princeton University and an MBA from the Amos Tuck School of Business.

Jay Roxe

More European dates of the VB.NET Team tour.


More than 1 Year Blogging

I just found out that I'm blogging for more than 1 year. My first blog entry happened before TechEd 2003. With the last year the calculator-removal was a blog entry that was discussed around the world.

Here are the most visited blog entries of the first year:


DEV404 - Creating a Klingon Culture - More about Globalization and Localization

The session title "Creating a Klingon Culture" required some special action. The attendees have been really surprised seeing me as a Klingon. After the session not only questions have been asked, I've received more requests for pictures ;-) It would be great if you can send me the pictures you've done.

The session started with a introduction using the Klingon language before I've turned on the universal translator. It was really fun :-)

More about this session:



DEV404 - Friday - nuqneH


On Friday I'm giving a presentation about localization and globalization of .NET applications. This session will be a lot of fun - not only because of the many samples I'm showing ;-)

Come to room 3b at 4:15 PM, and you will see. You can bring your drums to have even more fun :-)

The samples I'm showing:

  • Review of Cultures
  • IDN
  • Creating a custom resource reader (reading resources from the database)
  • Creating a custom culture (.NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0)
  • New localization features for .NET 2.0 Windows Forms and Web Forms

Here are a few screenshots from the sample applications.

To give a short review about globalization and localization, the first sample application shows some aspects of a culture:


Very briefly I'm talking about IDN (International Domain Names) with .NET 2.0. Who is already using - or planning to use IDN?

Sample 3 is about calendars, and how to create a custom calendar. See the screenshot here for a Mars calendar. This way it is easier to travel to Mars and arrange the best travel times for a summer vacation ;-)


With the next sample I'm showing how to use the ResourceManager reading resources from the database. The screenshot here is already the extended version where not only resources for "well-known" languages are read from the database, but I'm also showing how to create a custom culture with .NET 1.1 by creating a Klingon culture.


If you don't plan creating your own culture you will also get some cool new information how resources can be used with .NET 2.0, strongly types resources, new features for Windows Forms and Web Forms applications!

I hope to see you there :-)