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lynn eriksen

Avalon on XP does not necessarily mean Aero on XP. But that does mean XAML on Xp, and that's cool.


Of course this doesn't necessarily mean Aero on XP. Let's have some cool features for Longhorn ;-) Indigo and Avalon on XP helps starting earlier development with these technologies.

Stefn Jkull

I really hope the vector concept and 3d acceleration won't get the axe. Some people are already saying that Longhorns UI will not be vector based anymore, but back to pixel based :/

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Mario Goebbels

Vectors are still in, 3D acceleration won't likely be available on XP (but LH) since it lacks the new driver model that makes it possible. And would be nice to know where people got the idea it's back to pixels, apart from the regular internet rumormill.


does anyone know when avalon will be released for XP? it might say somewhere, but i haven't managed to catch it


David, I would assume that this doesn't happen before the Longhorn release.

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