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October 2004

IComparer and IComparable might change after Beta 1

Krzysztof Cwalina blogs about a proposal to refactor these new interfaces.

Currently the interface IComparable<T> defines the methods CompareTo and Equals. Because not always all methods are needed, the new version might be two interfaces: IEquateable<T> and IComparable<T>.

I prefer multiple interfaces instead of imlementing methods that are not needed!

Krysztof is looking for feedback.

There are also some discussions at LadyBug:


Getting Data from Excel 2003

Lately I've posted about creating Word documents with XSLT. Office 2003 has another cool XML feature:

I needed data from an Excel sheet in a special format for processing. With XML schemas this can be done very easily:

  • Create an XML schema
  • With the Excel task pane (XML Source), the schema can be referenced by adding an XML map.
  • Within the task pane the XML elements can be selected and moved to the corresponding Excel columns
  • Save as XML data stores the data in an XML format that corresponds to the schema.

Now it's possible to transform the data as needed using XSLT.


Keith Brown's Security Book

Yesterday Keith Brown's new security book arrived in my letter box:

The .NET Developer's Guide to Windows Security

The book has 6 parts with 75 "items" (chapters) that covery every security aspect of .NET applications.

The first part of the book shows the big picture of security: countermeasure, threat modeling, principle of least privilege, principle of defence in depth... It also covers "How to Develop Code as a Non-Admin" that would help finding security issues with the application very early.
Part 2 is about the security context (SID, tokens, logon sessions, privileges, identities...), part 3 about access control (ACL, role-based security, security descriptor, authorization manager...).
Part 4 of this book covers security with Enterprise Services.
Network security is covered with 12 items in part 5: delegation, Kerbeross, protocol transition, SSPI, CIA and .NET Remoting, IPSEC.
Part 6 rounds up security topics: storing secrets on a machine, prompt for a password, group policies and the final item "How to deploy software securely via Group Policy".

A book that's definitely worthwhile!

The .NET Developer's Guide to Windows Security