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Customizing Scripts for ASP.NET Validation Controls

Often I'm asked how to customize the scripts for the ASP.NET validation controls. These scripts are in the common directory <webdir>\aspnet_client\system_web\<version>. The location of the validation scripts can be changed with this entry in web.config:

<webControls clientScriptsLocation="scripts/" />

The default directory is configured with machine.config.


Christian Weyer speaking for IrishDev

Christian Weyer, member of the INETA Europe speakers bureau gives a presentation to the .NET User group

Event date: 16-Dec-2004

Christian will discuss what went wrong with Web services over the last few years and how to live a good .NET developer live :-)

He is the author of the tool WSContractFirst and has a lot to say about doing it right with Web Services.


Microsoft CRM

Yesterday I've given a demonstration of Microsoft CRM.

In special I like the customizability of this tool. It's very easy to change the forms, add and remove fields to adapt this application to a business process (instead of adapting a business process to a tool).

For complete customizability Microsoft CRM offers a wide range of Web services to integrate other solutions.


New Naming Guidelines for Generic Types

Krysztof Cwalina blogged about new naming guidelines for generic types.

The BCL team considers remaning several of the BCL generic types. Some provisional examples:


Converter<TInput, TOutput>

Dictionary<TKey, TValue>

Votes are still counted. There's a long discussion on Ladybug.

My personal vote would be as it was defined with Beta 1 - EventHandler<T>, Dictionary<K, V>. But I guess this is because of my C++ background.


More than 100 Groups with INETA Europe!

With INETA Europe now more than 100 .NET user groups are registered!

The latest additions:

The first group in Romania  - RONUG - was #100!

Here is my list from September.