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Access Modifiers: C++/CLI vs C# vs VB

C# has an internal access modifier (VB: Friend) to allow access only within the assembly. C++/CLI defines all access with the public/protected/private keywords; this allows more options: 

C++ C# VB
public public public Public
protected protected protected Protected
private private private Private
public private internal Friend
public protected internal protected Protected Friend
protected private not possible not possible

With C++/CLI one access modifier defines the access within the assembly, the other one defines the outside access. The order doesn't matter: more access is always from inside. C# internal is done with C++/CLI public private: public within the assembly, private outside of the assembly. Protected within the assembly and private outside of the assembly is not possible with C#, but it is possible with C++/CLI.

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Justin Shen

public private has been replaced by internal in the VC2005 tool refresh 's compiler when using public private access specifier,you will get a warning which tells you to use internal instead.

Christian Nagel

Justin, Thanks for the information. I'm just downloading the new build. Let's see what happened to protected private.

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