C++/CLI: Instantiating Managed Objects
Dispose and Finalize with C++/CLI, C# and VB

C++/CLI and IDisposable

With my previous post about Instantiating Managed Objects with C++/CLI you could read about using ref types two different ways: with local variables and with a handle.

Now I'm adding implementing the IDisposable interface with the Test class:

ref class Test

    void Foo()

With C++/CLI the IDisposable interface is implemented with the destructor syntax.

Now it would be good to do a try/finally to dispose the object. With C++/CLI the object is disposed using delete.
Test^ t = gcnew Test();
    delete t;

With local variables the same can be done with fewer lines of code. This is shorter than the C# using statement!

Test t;

The generated code is nearly the same. Nearly as in the first version the IL code uses the IL .try/finally statements, whereas the second version uses IL .try/fault and disposes the object in the fault and the default case.



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Christian Nagel's OneNotes

AUTHOR: Christian Nagel's OneNotes
DATE: 01/15/2005 10:39:00 AM


Thanks a lot for this explanation (the clearest I've found so far). I still have a question though: If both lines come practically to the same, how do you decide if you should instantiate the object using gcnew or not ? Thanks and regards, Miguel.


Just to clarify, I meant, how do you decide whether you should do: Test^ t = gcnew Test(); t-Foo(); OR Test t; t.Foo(); Because the difference seems so small between the two. Thanks and regards, Miguel.

Christian Nagel

Miguel, the first version Test^ t = gcnew Test(); t-Foo(); should be used if you need t for a longer time, e.g. return it from the method where this construct is used. If the instance of t is needed only within a code block, you should go for Test t; t.Foo(); As soon as the scope of t ends, Dispose is invoked. Christian


Thanks a lot Christian for your very clear answer ! BR, Miguel.

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