TechEd Europe - Amsterdam
Web Services Contracts

Thinktecture at TechEd Europe

Thinktecture is very busy at TechEd Europe:


  • 12:00, Christian Nagel (& Damir Tomicic), BOF - INETA EMEA Today and Tomorrow
  • 16:30, Christian Nagel, BOF - New Features of C# 2.0: Is New C# Code Too Complex?
  • 16:30, Christian Weyer (& Steve Swartz), CTS356 - Implemeting "Indigo" Endpoints - Addresses, Bindings and Contracts
  • 18:30, Christian Nagel: ATE booth


  • 10:15, Ingo Rammer (& Steve Swartz) - CTS366: Implementing "Indigo" Endpoints - Secure, Reliable, Transacted Messaging
  • 12:00, Ingo Rammer (& Arvindra Sehmi) - CHT028: Performance, Scalability and Availability
  • 13:45, Christian Weyer (& Rafal Lukawiecki, Steve Swartz, Michele Leroux Bustamante, Omri Gazitt) - PNL003: WS-I_M_REALLY_CONFUSED
  • 14:45, Christian Weyer (& Maarten Mullender) - CHT030: Turn Left or Right? How to Best Design Your Web Service Interface


  • 14:00, Christian Nagel, ATE booth
  • 14:45, Ingo Rammer - CTS448: Optimizing Scalability, Performance and Availability with Systems Built on the .NET Framework
  • 18:15, Christian Weyer, CTS357: My Home is My Castle: Hosting and Running Your .NET Applications


  • 11:00, Christian Nagel, ATE booth
  • 16:15, Christian Weyer, CTS465: From Dusk Til Dawn: Choose *Your* Approach to Design and Develop Web Services Applications on the .NET Platform

See you there!



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