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C#: The Party Just Started

Calvin Austin wrote an article C#: Is The Party Over? for JDJ. This article has a lot of misleading and wrong information. What can be expected from an article for a Java magazine?

Contrary on that, in my opinion the party just started ;-)

C# 2.0 has great new features, e.g.

For C# 3.0 Microsoft is already working on new features, e.g. a tighter integration between programming languages and databases.

The .NET Developer Journal has an interesting interview with Anders Hejlsberg.



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Keith Hill

My sentiments exactly. And if dynamic languages such as Python really are taking off then Java would suffer just as much as C#.

Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz

I also read that JDJ article today and wanted to blog about it :) The interesting thing is that where once C# was folowing Java's footsteps (many looked at C# as Java with more sugar coating) the way things are now it is the other way around: Java 1.5 adds Generics (well - sort of - see , anotations (read attributes) that C# has Arnon


The guy is a tool...nothing of substance here...let's all move along.


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