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Microsoft Max

At PDC keynote Microsoft Max was shown. Jim Allchin asked a team of six developers to create a sample application using WinFX. The result is Microsoft Max, a cool picture sharing application! This application makes use of WCF for peer-to-peer communication, and WPF for the user interface with some three-dimensional features showing the pictures.

Team blog for Microsoft Max

Microsoft Max Homepage including the download!



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Buddhike de Silva

Whew! This is migty coool!

Christopher McGinnis

Any idea on how to uninstall the Windows Workflow Foundation so that beta 2 of the WinFX runtime components can be installed? The WinFX installer is having a problem with System.Workflow.Activities, System.Workflow.ComponentModel, and System.Workflow.Runtime. I have tried removing them from the GAC but I get an error telling me that they are needed by another application.

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