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WinFX Namespaces

Yesterday evening I arrived in Los Angeles (some hourse later than expected because of a cancelled flight). Sunday morning I checked in at PDC. In the bag there's an interesting poster about the major namespaces of WinFX.

Here I'm skipping the namespaces known from 1.0 to only list the 2.0, 3.0 and Future namespaces.


  • System.Transactions (2.0)
  • System.Collections.Generic (2.0)
  • System.Security.AccessControl (2.0)
  • Managed Add-in Framework
    • System.AddIns (Future)
      • Contract
  • Microsoft.Build (2.0)
  • System.Runtime
    • ConstrainedExecution (2.0)
  • ClickOnce Deployment
    • System.Deployment (2.0)


  • System.Windows (3.0)
    • Annotations, Automation, Controls, Data, Documents, Ink, Interop, Navigation, Serialization, Shapes, Threading
  • System.Windows.Media (3.0)
    • Media3D, Animation, Imaging, TextFormatting, Effects
  • System.Web (2.0 updates)
    • Management (2.0)
  • System.Printing (3.0)
  • System.Speech (3.0)


  • System.Web.Profile (2.0)
  • Language Integrated Query
    • System.Query (Future)
    • System.Data.DLinq (Future)
    • System.Xml.XLinq (Future)
    • System.Expressions (Future)
  • WinFS
    • System.Storage (Future)
      • Core, Audio, Calendar, Contacts, Documents, Image, Media, Messages, Rules, Sync, Video (Future)
  • XPS Documents
    • System.Windows.Xps (3.0)
    • System.IO.Packaging (3.0)


  • Windows Communication Foundation
    • System.ServiceModel (3.0)
      • Channels, Configuration, Diagnostics, Integration
    • System.ServiceModel.Security (3.0)
      • Protocols, Tokens
  • Network Class Library
    • System.Net
      • Mail (2.0)
      • NetworkInformation (2.0)
      • Security (2.0)
  • Windows Workflow Foundation
    • System.Workflow (3.0)
    • System.Workflow.Activities (3.0)
    • System.Workflow.ComponentModel (3.0)
      • Compiler, Design, Serialization
    • System.Workflow.Runtime (3.0)
      • Hosting, Messaging
  • Identity Management
    • System.InfoCards (3.0)

Update: Brad Abrams has a PDF version of this poster!



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