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October 2005

6 new MCADs and 9 new MCPs

This summer I've given a .NET training for a group of 6 developers (picture) and software architects from EDS. After the training, all of the course attendees reached the MCAD certification. Now I'm running the same training for a second group from EDS with 9 developers. Monday and Tuesday were the dates for their first .NET exams on their way to MCAD: Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual C#. 9 of 9 succeeded with the exam! We have nine new MCP's!

The multi-week course is a course to learn Visual Basic and C#, core features of the .NET Framework, Web Forms with ASP.NET, Windows Forms, Web Services and .NET Enterprise Services.

The picture shows the new MCADs. The nice girl in the picture is still not an MCAD but instead responsible for the course organization.


MCT for 10 Years

Today I've received a congratulation email from Ken Rosen (Microsoft Program Manager, MCT) that I've reached the tenth anniversary of being an MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer). I didn't know that I'm already MCT for ten years!

Checking my MCP transcript, I'm MCP since 1993, MCT since 1995, and MCSD since 1996.

These last years really a lot of products came along. I started working with Microsoft products with a beta version of Windows NT 3.1. Before that I've used Unix and VMS products. Since that time I've never stopped working with beta versions ;-)

The future will bring a lot more interesting stuff! The next weeks I'm helping customers with courses and consulting developing .NET 2.0 applications, and I'm already working with cool technologies that will be released some time after .NET 2.0.