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Klingon Culture on Windows Vista

Shawn Steele created a custom culture for Klingon with an LDML file for Windows Vista!

Shawn's post Why and How I Chose Klingon for an Example gives more insight of Klingon. Shawn doesn't wear Klingon masks. I did. ;-) In 2004 I've created a custom Klingon culture that is used to read resources. Shawn has an additional feature: he offers Klingon month names with the custom culture! Similar to Shawn I've also searched for translation of month names and failed. While Shawn did a great job doing his own Klingon translation I decided to demonstrate a different calendar: the Mars calendar (see the second screenshot). The Mars calendar has different days in a year and number of months. It seems that no documentation on earth exists about this information from Klingon.



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