LINQ Part 3 - Filtering and Sorting XML
C++/CLI, Finalize and Dispose

LINQ Part 4 - What's behind a query expression?

With part 1 to 3 of this series, I've shown a query expression like the following to filter and sort data.

var winners = from r in racers
   where r.Wins > 3
   orderby r.Wins descending
   select r;

What's behind a query expression consisting of from, where, orderby descending, select? A query expression with this new C# 3.0 syntax simply resolves to methods that are invoked:

IEnumerable<Racer> winners = racers.
   Where(r => r.Wins > 3).
   OrderByDescending(r => r.Wins).
   Select(r => r);

The methods Where, OrderByDescending, Select are extension methods. Extension methods are static methods that can extend other classes.
Here is some information about how to write a custom extension method.

What about r => r.Wins > 3? This is a lambda expression that is an advancement of anonymous methods. The same code as before using extension methods and lamdba expression can be written using extension methods and anonymous methods:

IEnumerable<Racer> winners = racers.Where(
   delegate(Racer r)
      return r.Wins > 3;
   }).OrderByDescending<Racer, int>(
   delegate(Racer r)
      return r.Wins;

The lambda expression r => r.Wins > 3 resolves to a method with the parameter r, and a body where the result from r.Wins > 3 is returned. The syntax of the lambda expression looks easier compared to anonymous methods.

More information to follow. The previous parts of this series:



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