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PDC 2009

Back to normal

It's a while since my last blog entry. There's a reason behind it. Starting in March I had several visits to the hospital. My wife names the weeks of April and May a "trip through hell". Medical treatment has been successful, so everything is ok now. :-)
After May, June was really exciting (although I still have been in recovery mode). The last radiation therapy was on 28-May. My girl Stephanie was born on 2-June. This was really exciting and of course a big motivation during my time of medical treatment! You might already have seen the photos of here playing BabySmash. Thanks to Scott Hanselman for this great WPF application!

Now everything is in progress. Stephanie is growing :-) I've already done several .NET trainings and coachings in Austria and Switzerland. I'm in the finishing steps on the next edition of the Professional C# book (Professional C# 4.0 with .NET 4.0) with great new content. A new website is on the way....

In the weeks to come again you will see more blog entries. On what? I'm doing a lot stuff with WPF, Windows Azure, Silverlight, C#, Workflow Foundation 4.0, WCF, ADO.NET Entity Framework, F#, C++...

And in the coming days you will get some news from PDC 2009!



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Carl Corey awakes in a medical clinic, with little to no knowledge of who he is or how he got there.

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